One Response to Orwellian titles

  1. ‘Orwellian’ tends to be crowbarred in to describe pretty much anything the user finds politically restrictive, and gets flung about as a synonym for ‘sinister’. Used to describe a name, though. I’d expect it to mean the kind of misleading opposite-naming used by the fictional government in Nineteen Eighty-four, in which the Ministry of Peace runs the never-ending series of wars and the Ministry of Truth produces propaganda in which there’s nothing but lies. Your example is definitely a wonderfully pompous name, but is it really ‘Orwellian’ in the sense of pretending that the commission does the opposite of what it really does? If what it claims are falsifications are actually truths, then I reckon it would qualify. Are they? If I keep writing I’ll sink into the quicksand of questioning whether truth can exist at all in historical accounts…

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